TagLib and Serato Whitelabel files

patrick machielse patrick at hieper.nl
Fri Dec 11 13:12:17 CET 2009

I'm trying to read tags in Serato Whitelabel files using TagLib.


Whitelabel files have a file extension of 'wl.mp3' and are at their root simple mp3 files using v2.3 ID3 tags. A wl.mp3 file is essentially a low quality mp3 'preview', which contains high quality audio samples in a custom GEOB frame ('Serato Whitelab'). This GEOB frame may be many megabytes long.

I've tried to read the wl.mp3 tags using TagLib 1.6.1, with only limited success. This is some example output of my test program, which simply loops over the frames in a tag:

ID3v2.3.0, 9099969 bytes in tag
TPE1 - "Gucci Mane"
TIT2 - "Gingerbread Man (Instrumental)"
TALB - "The State vs. Radric Davis [Instrumental Album]"
TPUB - "Asylum"
TCON - "Hip-Hop Rap Urban"
TRCK - "13/16"

As you can see the tempo, cover art, and the GEOB frames were not found by TagLib.

I have the following questions:

- Does anyone have experience with reading ID3 tags in Whitelabel files?
- Could the frame size cause a problem?
- Is there something wrong with the file tags themselves?

iTunes is able to read (and write) the tags. When I modify a tag, TagLib still cannot parse is correctly.

If you want to experiment with wl.mp3 files, you can download many for free from whitelabel.net. (free registration required)


Patrick Machielse
Hieper Software

info at hieper.nl

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