TagLib and MSVC++ 6.0

Indy Sams indy at driftsolutions.com
Wed Jan 16 21:08:51 CET 2008

Hello Joe,

      Yeah, sorry about that domain (titus-dev.com), I forgot to renew
      it in time. It should be back up today. My build is actually not
      the best to use since it's from the 1.4 release, and there is
      much more stable/bug-fixed code in the SVN.

      I'll try installing MSVC 6 and see if I can get taglib compiling
      in it, I haven't used VS 6 in about 2 years since I migrated to
      VS 2005.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008, 2:46:21 PM, you wrote:

JC> By any chance, has anybody put together a succesful build of TagLib which would work
JC> in MSVC++ 6.0?

JC> I searched the archives for this mailing list and it looks like the answer is
JC> basically no ... I've seen other people talking about trying it, but it looks like
JC> they ran into the same problems I'm running into and it doesn't look like they were
JC> able to solve them.

JC> I did find one MSVC++ tree, it was here

JC> http://www.titus-dev.com/index.php?mod=Code%20Library&parent=1&action=view_proj&id=18

JC> But it seems to have gone away since I downloaded it last night.

JC> It was set up for a later version of MSVC though, and the project configuration was
JC> in an XML file ending in .vcproj, which earlier versions don't know about.

JC> I tried manually fixing the project by hand through late last night and this morning,
JC> I can actually get the example file tagreader.cpp to compile (so I am getting
JC> somewhere at least as far as getting the includes straight, I guess) but trying to
JC> build the actual library files I am still getting massive numbers of errors.

JC> Some of them, to be honest, are just beyond me.  I am a fairly good C++ programmer
JC> but certainly not an expert ... for example, the error on this line:

JC> static const uint size = 32;

JC> apefooter.cpp(56) : error C2258: illegal pure syntax, must be '= 0'

JC> To be honest, I don't even know what that means.

JC> Because it is from an MSVC++ build, it would appear that later versions understand
JC> what he's doing here, but not the version I have.

JC> I tried just static linking from binary .lib files, which is a pretty bad idea any
JC> way you look at it, but the best I could get was an error that the dll wasn't found,
JC> and I am trying to static link it without requiring the user to download a dll.  So I
JC> will have to be able to build it myself.  There was a binary static .lib version in
JC> the titus-dev.com tree, but MSVC++ 6.0 couldn't link to it, it said it was an unknown
JC> version.

JC> Anyway ... I could conceivably try to work out the compile errors one by one, but
JC> unfortunately I just don't have the time right now.  So probably I am just out of
JC> luck, but I thought I would check and see if anybody has a working project out there
JC> by any weird chance.

JC> Thanks for any help

Best regards,
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