SE mobile unable to read mp3 tags (of some files) properly

Scott Wheeler wheeler at
Thu Aug 14 09:26:01 CEST 2008

Yogesh Marwaha wrote:
> Can you sort it out? If you need the samples of mp3s which work and
> which not, I can place them somewhere for your reference.

Hi -- stuff like this should really go to the bug tracker.  The list is 
good for discussion, but if things hit at a bad moment here they tend to 
get lost.  Please create a bug and then send files to my email address 
with the file name [bugnumber]-[description].mp3 
[bugnumber]-[description].mp3 (and note that you did so in the bug 
tracker so that if I'm looking at this issue a month or two out that I 
remember.  :-) )


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