SE mobile unable to read mp3 tags (of some files) properly

Yogesh Marwaha yogeshm.007 at
Thu Aug 14 09:18:26 CEST 2008


My media collection consist of large number of MP3 and FLAC (and few
ogg) file. I use Amarok only and all the tags in the media files have
been added via Amarok. Tags in FLAC are initially added by flac but
later edited via Amarok.

I usually transfer these songs to my Sony Ericsson mobile (W580i and
K550i) via Amarok; MP3s straight and FLAC converted to MP3 using
Amarok's transkode script.

The problem is that my phones correctly read the tags of the MP3 files
which were converted from FLAC (by transkoder script), but tags of
other files are not read properly e.g. if the complete album title is
"Singh is Kingg" then the phones' media app would show "Singh is Ki"
or "Singh is" etc.; this varies even for same albums.

Can you sort it out? If you need the samples of mp3s which work and
which not, I can place them somewhere for your reference.


Yogesh M

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