metatagged comments from iTunes in Amarok

Bryan Larsen bryanlarsen at
Mon Mar 5 22:04:19 CET 2007

Scott Wheeler wrote:
> Bryan Larsen wrote:
>> I may be wrong, but it seems that this is a TagLib issue rather than an 
>> Amarok issue.
> Really it's an engiTun issue because they're abusing the comment frame 
> where they should be using a GEOB frame.

iTunes is one of the most popular MP3 players & rippers, if not the most 
popular.  "Might makes right" has a kernel of truth, unfortunately.

>>   In my opinion, TagLib should prefer to return unlabelled COM tags when asked for the "comment" via the high-level API.
> It's not been terribly long since someone suggested the opposite.  The 
> problem is on things like this that there is no correct behavior because 

Your call.  You obviously have more information on what the other GUIs do.

> different GUIs decide to handle the same data differently and presenting 
> a user interface that corresponds 1-to-1 with the data model would, 
> well, suck.

1-to-1? *shivers*.  Good work on TagLib, BTW.


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