metatagged comments from iTunes in Amarok

Scott Wheeler wheeler at
Mon Mar 5 21:24:23 CET 2007

Bryan Larsen wrote:
> I may be wrong, but it seems that this is a TagLib issue rather than an 
> Amarok issue.

Really it's an engiTun issue because they're abusing the comment frame 
where they should be using a GEOB frame.

>   In my opinion, TagLib should prefer to return unlabelled COM tags when asked for the "comment" via the high-level API.

It's not been terribly long since someone suggested the opposite.  The 
problem is on things like this that there is no correct behavior because 
different GUIs decide to handle the same data differently and presenting 
a user interface that corresponds 1-to-1 with the data model would, 
well, suck.


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