metatagged comments from iTunes in Amarok

Jeff Mitchell kde-dev at
Thu Mar 8 15:25:21 CET 2007

On Monday 05 March 2007, Bryan Larsen wrote:
> iTunes is one of the most popular MP3 players & rippers, if not the most
> popular.  "Might makes right" has a kernel of truth, unfortunately.

iTunes reports "waltz" because it knows how to deal with the rest of the 
comment junk.  But comments that are meaningful only to iTunes shouldn't be 
expected to be meaningful elsewhere.

As Scott suggested, they're using the wrong frame.

This frame is intended for any kind of full text information that
   does not fit in any other frame. It consists of a frame header
   followed by encoding, language and content descriptors and is ended
   with the actual comment as a text string. Newline characters are
   allowed in the comment text string. There may be more than one
   comment frame in each tag, but only one with the same language and
   content descriptor.

In this frame any type of file can be encapsulated. After the header,
   'Frame size' and 'Encoding' follows 'MIME type' [MIME] represented as
   as a terminated string encoded with ISO 8859-1 [ISO-8859-1]. The
   filename is case sensitive and is encoded as 'Encoding'. Then follows
   a content description as terminated string, encoded as 'Encoding'.
   The last thing in the frame is the actual object. The first two
   strings may be omitted, leaving only their terminations. MIME type is
   always an ISO-8859-1 text string. There may be more than one "GEOB"
   frame in each tag, but only one with the same content descriptor.

The intent of the Comment field is for textual information, not binary data 
like normalization information.

Might doesn't make right when the might sucks.  You'd be using Windows if that 
were true.  Complain to Apple, please.


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