Bug with ID3v2 tags

Daniele Cocca daniele.cocca at gmail.com
Mon Jul 24 00:57:27 CEST 2006

After a lot of testing, I've found out that the bug is in here, and it happens
only on files with an APIC:

  if(d->header->compression()) {
    ByteVector data(frameDataLength);
    uLongf uLongTmp = frameDataLength;
    ::uncompress((Bytef *) data.data(),
                 (uLongf *) &uLongTmp,
                 (Bytef *) frameData.data() + frameDataOffset,
    return data;

It crashes while creating a new ByteVector with frameDataLength, because this
value is computed from a broken frame, so it's a huge number (about
20000000000 characters for the MP3 I tested).
Adding these lines:

if (frameDataLength > 0x1000000) {
    ByteVector blank;

    debug("Detected a frame with more than ten megabytes of data. File
    return blank;

just before "if(d->header->compression()) {" seems to solve the problem.

I hope my informations are useful in any way. Bye. :)

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