Bug with ID3v2 tags

Daniele Cocca daniele.cocca at gmail.com
Sun Jul 23 12:09:22 CEST 2006

Amarok, Juk and BMPx crash while creating the media library for my audio 
collection, while QuodLibet does not. All of the three programs use taglib, 
so I've written a little program to test all my files and isolate the ones 
that make taglib crash.
I've found out that the crash happens with ID3v2 tags only: taglib doesn't 
crash when leaving just ID3v1 on the same files. Now, I'm not sure about the 
cause of the crash (the only thing I get is a SIGABRT), but since I have 
isolated some "broken" MP3s, I can put one on my web space so that you can 
find the problem.
Just let me know, in the meanwhile I'll try and fix the crash on my own, if 
I'm able to do it.


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