speed on windows

Sebastian Pipping webmaster at hartwork.org
Tue Jul 25 17:53:41 CEST 2006

i compared the tag scanning speed of taglib
with that of foobar and the result is that
scanning 1068 files took 20 seconds with
taglib and about 5 seconds the first time
with foobar and only 1 second when re-reading.

i guess foobar is using some caching/file
modification tricks but even the very first
time foobar was significantly faster.

i tried to replace the crt function calls
with windows own file api and that decreased
the time needed to about 8 seconds which
is still slower that foobar but less than
half the time taglib needed before.

i cannot offer a ready-to-apply patch right
now but maybe we should think about this
again after the windows-port-question is
answered in general.

btw does anybody know if there is really
no native ftell() equivalent in windows?
i currently track the position by hand
when the file is read/written/sought but
i am quite surere the must be a better solution
to this. here is my current replacement map:

fopen       CreateFile
fclose      CloseHandle
fread       ReadFile
fwrite      WriteFile
ftruncate   SetEndOfFile
fseek       SetFilePointer
ftell       ???


Sebastian Pipping

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