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Thu Jul 20 19:32:25 CEST 2006

Scott Wheeler wrote:
> On Thursday 20 July 2006 17:16, Sebastian Pipping wrote:
>> Scott Wheeler wrote:
>>> - If I missed your issue in the list above, please respond in this thread
>> --------------------------------------------------------------
>> in my eyes the #includes really need cleanup.
>> probably making all '#include "abc.h"' style would be best.
>> this would also remove the need to add all subdirs
>> to the inclusion list (in general but also because
>> visual studio 2003 had trouble with this).
> I'm not specifically opposed to that, but per the comment in another thread 
> that they're random, actually it's pretty simple: for files in the same 
> directory they use #include "foo.h" for files in other directories they 
> use "#include <foo.h>"

It seems to me there are several exceptions to this rule.
For example in fileref.cpp the four includes

#include "mpegfile.h"
#include "vorbisfile.h"
#include "flacfile.h"
#include "mpcfile.h"

relate to headers not in the same directory.
Same at least in mpc\mpcfile.cpp and mpc\mpcfile.h.


Sebastian Pipping

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