TODO - The Windows Geschischte

Sebastian Pipping webmaster at
Thu Jul 20 16:58:08 CEST 2006

Scott Wheeler wrote:
> For build systems Stefan likes CMake.  CMake seems to be mostly compiler 
> agnostic (as opposed to picking a fixed version of Visual Studio's project 
> files).  Are any of the folks working on Windows opposed to CMake or have 
> other suggestions that they'd like considered?

i have not given CMake a real chance yet but it will have to be
outstanding to make me prefer it over handmade project files.

> General compatibility at this point seems to be mostly the use of truncate() [..]

Here are the lines i used to workaround this for visual studio 2003:

	#define TAGLIB_UNISTD_H 1

	#define	W_OK 2
	#define	R_OK 4

	#include <io.h>

	int ftruncate(int __fd, off_t __length) {
		return _chsize(__fd, __length);

	#endif // TAGLIB_UNISTD_H


Sebastian Pipping

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