Lukáš Lalinský lalinsky at
Thu Jul 20 01:29:58 CEST 2006

Scott Wheeler wrote:
> - WavPack
> - If you sent a patch to support a new format I'd like to (in this thread)
> hear what you've done in terms of testing (especially writing).  Make sure
> that files still playback.  If there's a tool for reporting info for your
> format (i.e. ogginfo) please test with that.  Also consider doing a
> byte-for-byte comparison with reference implementations.  People naturally
> get pissed off when their files get corrupted.  (And for that reason some of
> the new format stuff may not make it into 1.5 if I'm not fairly convinced
> that it's ready.)

I posted the email about the WavPack code mainly for other people, I never
thought of getting it into TagLib directly. But if you are considering adding
support for additional file formats, here is what I have:

Only the WMA code implements it's own tag reading&writting system, but as the
file formats is patented in US, I don't think you would want to include it in

Rest of the plugins just use existing tag implementations, so there shouldn't be
any problem. Speex files are in Ogg containers -- it just uses the existing
implementation. WavPack and TTA files have their own file formats, but they use
only ID3 or APE tags and those are trivial to put into files.

As for testing, I spent quite a lot of time downloading various files from P2P
networks and testing reading/writing tags from/to them. I wouldn't dare to
release untested file format plugins in libtunepimp.

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