Scott Wheeler wheeler at
Thu Jul 20 01:05:02 CEST 2006

Heya folks --

As mentioned, I want to do a 1.5 release relatively soon and as of today my 
internet connection is back.  I've been looking over the mailing list 
archives trying to put together a TODO list of issues to look at before a 
release.  Since it's been a while since the last release, I'm sure that I've 
missed some.  Here are the topics that I've currently flagged:

- package config file for c bindings only?
- [patch] tbytevector::find() bug with unicode?
- WavPack
- Re: [taglib] lyrics support
- Speex tag support in taglib
- Re: Weird genre problem with taglib
- Calculation of MPEG frame length is wrong
- GEOB frames (was Re: extending taglib (ID3v2 frames))
- Re: Odd APIC frame
- wrong TDAT conversion

Additionally there's the topic of the Windows port which has about a dozen 
threads.  I'll send a follow up mail on that topic in just a minute.  (I just 
want to keep the threads separate.)

- If I missed your issue in the list above, please respond in this thread

- If you reported a bug, whether it's in the list above or not, please put it 
in the bug tracking system.  It's somewhat more reliable than my brain.

- If you sent a patch to support a new format I'd like to (in this thread) 
hear what you've done in terms of testing (especially writing).  Make sure 
that files still playback.  If there's a tool for reporting info for your 
format (i.e. ogginfo) please test with that.  Also consider doing a 
byte-for-byte comparison with reference implementations.  People naturally 
get pissed off when their files get corrupted.  (And for that reason some of 
the new format stuff may not make it into 1.5 if I'm not fairly convinced 
that it's ready.)

- There are a lot of bindings for TagLib now.  Some of them (i.e. Dong Xu's 
for Perl) probably get more visibility in the current place (in this case 
CPAN) than they would being distributed with TagLib.  However, I'm willing to 
consider distributing additional bindings with the library.  If you're 
interested in getting your bindings in please respond here too.  Languages 
that I'm not very comfortable in (Ok, so that mostly means everything that's 
not C, C++ or Perl, so almost all of the new bindings.) I'd like to ask other 
developers that are comfortable in those languages to review the APIs before 
inclusion in TagLib.  If it's your first API to write in that language, say 
so.  Also keep future compatibility in mind.  You're stuck with any included 
APIs until TagLib 2.0.

- Don't post feature requests without code (in this thread).

Thanks people!


Many people would sooner die than think; in fact, they do so. 
--Bertrand Russell

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