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Thu Jul 20 04:42:10 CEST 2006


How about the problem with always rewriting FLAC files on tag updates?


On Wednesday 19 July 2006 19:05, Scott Wheeler wrote:
> Heya folks --
> As mentioned, I want to do a 1.5 release relatively soon and as of today my
> internet connection is back.  I've been looking over the mailing list
> archives trying to put together a TODO list of issues to look at before a
> release.  Since it's been a while since the last release, I'm sure that
> I've missed some.  Here are the topics that I've currently flagged:
> - package config file for c bindings only?
> - [patch] tbytevector::find() bug with unicode?
> - WavPack
> - Re: [taglib] lyrics support
> - Speex tag support in taglib
> - Re: Weird genre problem with taglib
> - Calculation of MPEG frame length is wrong
> - GEOB frames (was Re: extending taglib (ID3v2 frames))
> - Re: Odd APIC frame
> - wrong TDAT conversion
> Additionally there's the topic of the Windows port which has about a dozen
> threads.  I'll send a follow up mail on that topic in just a minute.  (I
> just want to keep the threads separate.)
> - If I missed your issue in the list above, please respond in this thread
> - If you reported a bug, whether it's in the list above or not, please put
> it in the bug tracking system.  It's somewhat more reliable than my brain.
> - If you sent a patch to support a new format I'd like to (in this thread)
> hear what you've done in terms of testing (especially writing).  Make sure
> that files still playback.  If there's a tool for reporting info for your
> format (i.e. ogginfo) please test with that.  Also consider doing a
> byte-for-byte comparison with reference implementations.  People naturally
> get pissed off when their files get corrupted.  (And for that reason some
> of the new format stuff may not make it into 1.5 if I'm not fairly
> convinced that it's ready.)
> - There are a lot of bindings for TagLib now.  Some of them (i.e. Dong Xu's
> for Perl) probably get more visibility in the current place (in this case
> CPAN) than they would being distributed with TagLib.  However, I'm willing
> to consider distributing additional bindings with the library.  If you're
> interested in getting your bindings in please respond here too.  Languages
> that I'm not very comfortable in (Ok, so that mostly means everything
> that's not C, C++ or Perl, so almost all of the new bindings.) I'd like to
> ask other developers that are comfortable in those languages to review the
> APIs before inclusion in TagLib.  If it's your first API to write in that
> language, say so.  Also keep future compatibility in mind.  You're stuck
> with any included APIs until TagLib 2.0.
> - Don't post feature requests without code (in this thread).
> Thanks people!
> -Scott

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