Writing id3v2.3 tags

Scott Wheeler wheeler at kde.org
Sat Sep 10 15:31:07 CEST 2005

On Saturday 10 September 2005 13:16, Lukas Lalinsky wrote:

> iTunes can read ID3v2.3/ID3v2.4 only in Latin-1 or UTF-16. It can't read
> ID3v2.4 tags with text values encoded using UTF-8.

Again, I don't know about version 4, but as I said in my last mail, iTunes 5 
now works just fine with all of the files that I've tagged with TagLib.  I 
use UTF-8 by default.

> Btw, I'm using (for my tiny tagger) modified version of TagLib that can
> write also ID3v2.3 tags. I coded it mainly for compatibility with Windows
> Media Player as it can't read 2.4 tags at all. But, I know, you're probably
> not interested in including something like that in TagLib :)

Again, this sounds like a version problem.  I tried this out a few months back 
on a Windows machine and WMP worked just fine with 2.4 tags.

If you've got a real implementation of 2.3 I might be interested.  If you've 
just got something that switches the version as it writes the file then, no, 
I'm naturally not.  But this was covered here already...


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