Writing id3v2.3 tags

Lukas Lalinsky lalinsky at gmail.com
Sat Sep 10 17:12:04 CEST 2005

Ben wrote:
 > Are you sure? My experience is that iTunes version 4.9 (17) can *not*  read
 > UTF-16, but can read/write UTF-8. I haven't tried iTunes 5 yet.

Yes, I'm sure. iTunes 4.9 on Windows can read UTF-16 and can't read UTF-8 (like 
many other players). I just tried iTunes 5 and it can read both UTF-8 and UTF-16

Scott Wheeler wrote:
> Again, this sounds like a version problem.  I tried this out a few months back 
> on a Windows machine and WMP worked just fine with 2.4 tags.

I'm sure that latest WMP can't read 2.4 tags.

> If you've got a real implementation of 2.3 I might be interested.  If you've 
> just got something that switches the version as it writes the file then, no, 
> I'm naturally not.  But this was covered here already...

Well, I wrote it for personal usage and it's possible to write non-valid 2.3 
tags (for example by using UTF-8 string) with it. So no, i don't have full 
implementation. Adding this kind of 2.3 support to TagLib was quite easy as it 
doesn't use most of 2.4 specific features - no header flags, no extended header, 
no footer, ...

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