taglib on windows with visual studio

Stefan Gehn mETz81 at web.de
Wed Jul 13 19:33:48 CEST 2005

Am Mittwoch, 13. Juli 2005 17:26 schrieb Scott Wheeler:
> On Tuesday 12 July 2005 23:46, Roel Vanhout wrote:
> > The thing is that I want a version that compiles on msvc without having
> > to install a second compiler and supporting headers & libs.
> And to be honest, that's what I'd prefer for the Windows side since that's
> presumably the compiler that most people are working with.  Bonus points if
> it also works with mingw.

Well, I'm not going to
a) buy or install msvc, I prefer a free toolchain and Qt 4.0 only works with 
MinGW anyway
b) maintain a msvc project
c) constantly fight to keep Makefiles, dev-c++ and msvc projects in sync

Usually windows users and developers seem to be very lazy so I think just 
supplying binaries with a static .a, a .dll and a .lib version is enough. 
Both static and dynamic versions work here, I just need to create the .lib 
thing and ask some msvc-looser to try it ;)

> > Well that was part of my question: will the next release include the
> > __declspec stuff, that is, is Scott willing to include it?
> Recent versions of GCC like to have something similar (explicit symbol
> visibility), so I'm not opposed to adding a macro for that in the near
> future.

I did that here, my TAGLIB_EXPORT macros is using the visibility stuff if a 
capable gcc is in use and we're not on windows. I didn't test it yet but one 
could very well disable that for now until I (waiting for gcc 4.0.1 to appear 
as .deb) or somebody else can test that.

> If all of that happens in the next few days it might make into 1.4.

I do have most of the changes ready and working but I still got no replies if 
the binary works for somebody else.

> *) On the headers stuff -- probably the best place to put the Windows
> specific stuff would be in a config.h that you provide.  That makes it easy
> enough to avoid platform specific #ifdefs in the code itself.

What about putting the export/visibility define into taglib.h and include it 

> together on that would be good if you're both willing.  You seem to have a
> stronger Windows development background than he does.  (I can't imagine
> Stefan really seeing that as an insult.  ;-) )

Well, I'm doing ugly Delphi coding for quite some time, that usually doesn't 
include linking libs though ;)

Bye, Stefan aka mETz

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