taglib on windows with visual studio

Roel roel_v at stack.be
Thu Jul 14 23:31:36 CEST 2005


Stefan Gehn wrote:
> I did that here, my TAGLIB_EXPORT macros is using the visibility stuff if a 
> capable gcc is in use and we're not on windows. I didn't test it yet but one 
> could very well disable that for now until I (waiting for gcc 4.0.1 to appear 
> as .deb) or somebody else can test that.

I looked through the archives but I only found one link to a download in 
your messages, and that download only had a static library and headers 
without the exporting macros. The macros you send to the list also only 
had __declspec() defines and not the gcc visibility attributes. Do you 
have a version where all of that (dll + modified headers) is included? 
If so, can you make it available somewhere?



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