Upcoming release 0.7.0 - Call for testing

Vojtěch Zeisek vojtech.zeisek at opensuse.org
Sun Apr 8 10:47:54 UTC 2018


Dne sobota 7. dubna 2018 8:52:18 CEST, Thomas Friedrichsmeier napsal(a):
> Hi!
> After a long silence, we're finally getting ready to release RKWard
> 0.7.0. As this is the first release to be based on the KF5 / Qt5
> libraries, rather than KDE4 / Qt4, it would be highly appreciated, if
> you could help with testing to make sure we are not overseeing any
> important issues. As for new features, the most prominent thing to look
> out for is the new "split views" feature, which allows to view R
> scripts (or data) side-by-side in the main window.
> As a complication, the upcoming R 3.5.0 will break RKWard in two ways:
> RKWard 0.6.5 will not work with R 3.5.0 at all (if there is a need for
> this, we could consider also releasing a patched 0.6.5-release to
> support KDE4 installations; right now the focus in on 0.7.0, only).
> Further, RKWard 0.7.0 _compiled_ with R >= 3.5.0 will not run with R
> 3.4.x and vice-versa.
> To make sure we avoid breakage as much as possible, we'll try to make
> do with a rather short testing period, and release on April 16th, i.e.
> roughly a week before the scheduled release of R 3.5.0. In order to
> make this work, ***I'd like to ask you to provide feedback by April
> 13*** (the earlier the better). Naturally, if anything important comes
> up, the testing period will be extended as necessary. More details at
> https://rkward.kde.org/Release_Schedule .

I have been using KF5 RKWard since December 2017 [1] on openSUSE Tumbleweed. 
Binaries of latest Git snapshots are currently packaged for Tumbleweed and 
upcoming openSUSE 15.0 [2]. So far it has been working very well.

> Downloads are also linked from the release schedule page, above, but
> as a lot of things have changed under the hood (corresponding to a lot
> of hard work by Meik and others). I'll point out the main downloads,
> here, too:
> ---- Source: ----
> https://files.kde.org/rkward/testing/rkward-0.6.9z+0.7.0+pre1.tar.gz
> ---- MacOS X installer: ----
> https://files.kde.org/rkward/testing/bundles/MacOSX/RKWard-binary-0.7.0pre1_
> OSX10.11_KF5-5.42.0_needs_CRAN_R-3.4.4.pkg
> For OSX 10.11 or higher. You have to install R 3.4.4, separately.
> ---- Windows installer: ----
> https://files.kde.org/rkward/testing/bundles/Windows/rkward-0.7.0-pre1-mingw
> _64-gcc.exe
> This comes bundled with R 3.4.4.
> ---- Ubuntu binaries: ----
> For regular Ubuntu installs:
> https://launchpad.net/~rkward-devel/+archive/ubuntu/rkward-kf5-daily
> For Ubuntu installs with the CRAN version of R:
> https://launchpad.net/~rkward-devel/+archive/ubuntu/rkward-kf5-daily-cran
> For Ubuntu installs with the CRAN version of R and KF5 backports:
> https://launchpad.net/~rkward-devel/+archive/ubuntu/rkward-kf5-backports-dai
> ly-cran
> Thanks!
> Thomas

Thank You,

[1] https://mail.kde.org/pipermail/rkward-users/2017-December/001208.html
[2] https://software.opensuse.org/package/rkward

Vojtěch Zeisek
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