Upcoming release 0.7.0 - Call for testing

Thomas Friedrichsmeier thomas.friedrichsmeier at ruhr-uni-bochum.de
Sat Apr 7 06:52:18 UTC 2018


After a long silence, we're finally getting ready to release RKWard
0.7.0. As this is the first release to be based on the KF5 / Qt5
libraries, rather than KDE4 / Qt4, it would be highly appreciated, if
you could help with testing to make sure we are not overseeing any
important issues. As for new features, the most prominent thing to look
out for is the new "split views" feature, which allows to view R
scripts (or data) side-by-side in the main window.

As a complication, the upcoming R 3.5.0 will break RKWard in two ways:
RKWard 0.6.5 will not work with R 3.5.0 at all (if there is a need for
this, we could consider also releasing a patched 0.6.5-release to
support KDE4 installations; right now the focus in on 0.7.0, only).
Further, RKWard 0.7.0 _compiled_ with R >= 3.5.0 will not run with R
3.4.x and vice-versa.

To make sure we avoid breakage as much as possible, we'll try to make
do with a rather short testing period, and release on April 16th, i.e.
roughly a week before the scheduled release of R 3.5.0. In order to
make this work, ***I'd like to ask you to provide feedback by April
13*** (the earlier the better). Naturally, if anything important comes
up, the testing period will be extended as necessary. More details at
https://rkward.kde.org/Release_Schedule .

Downloads are also linked from the release schedule page, above, but
as a lot of things have changed under the hood (corresponding to a lot
of hard work by Meik and others). I'll point out the main downloads,
here, too:

---- Source: ----

---- MacOS X installer: ----

For OSX 10.11 or higher. You have to install R 3.4.4, separately.

---- Windows installer: ----


This comes bundled with R 3.4.4.

---- Ubuntu binaries: ----

For regular Ubuntu installs:

For Ubuntu installs with the CRAN version of R:

For Ubuntu installs with the CRAN version of R and KF5 backports:

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