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Thomas Friedrichsmeier thomas.friedrichsmeier at ruhr-uni-bochum.de
Thu Oct 18 07:35:04 UTC 2012


On Wednesday 17 October 2012, Rebel Tyrcus wrote:
> I'm new to R and RKWard in my quest for getting rid of SPSS. I hope I
> place my questions in the correct list.

This is the right place, indeed.
> 1. I've read the article in the Journal of Statistical Software about
> RKWard, but is there any manual out there explaning all the functions
> in RKWArd with more detail?

The article in JSS is the most comprehensive piece of documentation that we 
have, to date. There is a bit a "getting started" info available via Help-
>Help on RKWard (or pressing F1). Also, most plugins come with a short help 
page (click the "Help"-button in those dialogs), and many help pages contain 
links to related functionality.

However, if you're looking for a real hands-on tutorial, I'm afraid, we just 
don't have that, yet. (Everybody reading this: YOU can help. Just edit our 
wiki. Ok, actually, for technical reasons, you will have to ask for write 
permissions before you can edit the wiki, but we grant those, liberally).

> 2. Is there an option to select cases filtering by a variable with the
> menus? I've seen you can code it with the "subset" expression, but I'm
> new to R code as well...

Admittedly, this is a blatantly obvious omission, but the sad fact is that we 
don't have graphical support for subsetting, yet. I'll put it on the feature 
plan for 0.6.1, though. Meanwhile, you could try to get by using Data->Sort, 
and then copy-and-paste to select cases.

> 3. Is there an option to recode or calculate to new variables in
> different ones with the menus? I know there are the recode and compute
> expressions, but I rather start using the menus until I learn how R
> code works.

Not yet available, either. Sorry.

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