[rkward-users] Select cases

Rebel Tyrcus rebel.tyrcus at gmail.com
Fri Oct 19 13:24:32 UTC 2012

First of all, thank you for all your quick answers.

> The article in JSS is the most comprehensive piece of documentation that we
> have, to date. There is a bit a "getting started" info available via Help-
>>Help on RKWard (or pressing F1). Also, most plugins come with a short help
> page (click the "Help"-button in those dialogs), and many help pages contain
> links to related functionality.
> However, if you're looking for a real hands-on tutorial, I'm afraid, we just
> don't have that, yet. (Everybody reading this: YOU can help. Just edit our
> wiki. Ok, actually, for technical reasons, you will have to ask for write
> permissions before you can edit the wiki, but we grant those, liberally).

Ok, so it seems I'm quite on my own, because I already read all the
info in the Help section  :)

I started writing my own tutorial, so, if someday I start getting
things sorted out with RKWard I can try edit the wiki or collaborate
in translating to my language (catalan), because I don't have any
knowledge in programming (I'm in the health sciences sector).

> Admittedly, this is a blatantly obvious omission, but the sad fact is that we
> don't have graphical support for subsetting, yet. I'll put it on the feature
> plan for 0.6.1, though. Meanwhile, you could try to get by using Data->Sort,
> and then copy-and-paste to select cases.

Implementing that would be a great feature.

>> 3. Is there an option to recode or calculate to new variables in
>> different ones with the menus? I know there are the recode and compute
>> expressions, but I rather start using the menus until I learn how R
>> code works.

Ok, thanks.

Kind regards,


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