[rkward-users] First preview of rkward 0.4.8 / Release Schedule / Translations

Thomas Friedrichsmeier thomas.friedrichsmeier at ruhr-uni-bochum.de
Wed Sep 19 20:36:18 UTC 2007

Hi all,

development has been somewhat slower during the past few months, but all the 
same, in that time a fairly large amount of changes has accumulated. So time 
has come to create a new release. As RKWard 0.4.7a is not compatible with the 
upcoming version of R, we will try to release close to R 2.6.0, which is 
scheduled for October, 3.

As a first step, there is the usual preview release, available at 
http://rkward.sourceforge.net/temp/rkward-0.4.8pre1.tar.gz . And as usual, 
I'd like to ask you to do as much testing, as you can find the time to. In 
particular, you may want to focus on the plugins listed on this page: 
http://rkward.sourceforge.net/wiki/index.php?title=Development_Status_of_Plugins . 
Further visible changes include a new file selector tool window (right below 
the workspace browser on the left), and a reworked object viewer (what you 
get, when you right-click on an object an select "View"). For a full list of 
changes so far, have a look at the ChangeLog provided in the preview release.

--- Release Schedule ---

The further timeline for the 0.4.8 release will look roughly like this:
- On or around Wednesday, September 26: Second preview release
- Monday October 1: Deadline for translations
- On or around Wednesday, October 3: Final release
Both the second preview, and the final release will be announced on both 
mailing lists (devel and users), when they happen.

--- Translations ---

As indicated above, the deadline for translations is the 1st of October. Few - 
if any - changes in translatable strings are expected until the release, so 
now is a good time to start updating your translation. If you are fairly sure 
you will have enough free time to update your translation after the second 
preview release, i.e. at the end of this month, you may consider delaying 
your work until then, to make sure you don't miss out on any last minute 
string changes.
Reminder: The current .pot and .po files are contained in the 
subdirectory "po" of the preview release.

--- Developers ---

I will create a new branch in SVN, in a few minutes, so you can commit changes 
as usual, without worrying too much about interfering with the release. 
Please start your commit comments with either "FOR 0.4.8" or "NOT FOR 0.4.8", 
to make it easier for me to merge the relevant changes into the release 
branch. Please focus mostly on fixing bugs, enhancing documentation, or doing 
trivial work on existing plugins (those are the ones to be marked as "for 
0.4.8"), rather than creating new plugins or doing complex changes (which 
will not go into the 0.4.8 release).

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