[rkward-users] Second preview of RKWard 0.4.8

Thomas Friedrichsmeier thomas.friedrichsmeier at ruhr-uni-bochum.de
Thu Sep 27 13:09:59 UTC 2007

Hi all,

a day later than announced, I've prepared the second preview release of the 
upcoming version 0.4.8. Unless an important reason comes up, this will be the 
last preview release, and will be almost identical to the final release, 
scheduled for October, 3. So, if you can find the time, please do download 
the new preview (http://rkward.sourceforge.net/temp/rkward-0.4.8pre2.tar.gz), 
and do as much testing as you can.

--- Release Schedule ---

The further timeline for the 0.4.8 release is unchanged. The remaining key 
dates are:
- Monday October 1: Deadline for translations
- On or around Wednesday, October 3: Final release

--- Translations ---

As indicated above, the deadline for translations is the 1st of October, so 
you should update your translations, now. Since the first preview, one 
translatable string has been added, so if you have already updated the 
translation, there is one new string, which you may want to add (sorry!). No 
further changes in translatable strings are expected until the release, 
except in emergencies.
Reminder: The current .pot and .po files are contained in the 
subdirectory "po" of the preview release.

--- Developers ---

The same rules continue to apply, i.e. please prefix your commit messages with 
either "FOR 0.4.8" or "NOT FOR 0.4.8". From now on, only changes that fix 
bugs, and documentation changes will be accepted into the 0.4.8 release 
branch. Everything else is "NOT FOR 0.4.8".

--- Technical note ---

When replying to this mail, please send your reply only to *either* of 
rkward-devel *or* rkward-users (whichever you feel is more appropriate), 
unless it directly concerns the release schedule. Most active developers are 
subscribed to both lists.

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