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 Additionally, several tool windows are available form resizable sub-panes at the four sides\footnote{
     This combination of a tabbed-document interface and sub-panes is sometimes referred to as an ``IDE-style'' interface, due to its
-    usage in popular IDEs such as Eclipse \citep{Eclipse} or KDevelop \citep{KDevelop}.
+    usage in popular IDEs such as \pkg{Eclipse} \citep{Eclipse} or \pkg{KDevelop} \citep{KDevelop}.
 }. By default, the
 left panel (Figure~\ref{fig:main_window}B) contains a file browser (see Section~\ref{sec:further_tool_windows}) and a
 workspace browser (see Section~\ref{sec:workspace_browser_object_viewer}), the

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@@ -27,6 +27,10 @@
 * In our paper we claimed that RKWard is aimed as productive too. We added citations, including one of the first author, from peer-review literature which specifically cite the usage of RKWard during their research work as support for our claim that RKWard's purpose is the usage as a productive tool.
 * We updated the example script (demo.R) to reflect the changes requested by the reviewers. We also added a reference for reader to the zip-archive containing all scripts and data used in the paper. 
+  - TF: I wonder whether that really makes sense, as including examples is really standard in JStatSoft. I checked some other recent articles, and those
+    do not seem to mention the examples, specifically.
+    Besides, in our case, I think that having the code examples is comparatively pointless (except perhaps for the example plugin), since most of
+    that is simply to show off GUI features, not produce anything.
 Issues raised by the reviewers

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