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 hovering the mouse pointer over them.
 The \pkg{RKWard} GUI generally follows an MDI (multiple document interface) approach.
-Document windows\footnote{
-    Currently, the supported types of
-    document windows are object summaries (Section~\ref{sec:workspace_browser_object_viewer}), 
-    script editors (Section~\ref{sec:code_editor}), spreadsheet-like data editors 
-    (Section~\ref{sec:spreadsheet}), results output (Section~\ref{sec:results_output}), 
-    help pages (Section~\ref{sec:help_system}), and also
-    \proglang{R} on-screen graphics devices (Section~\ref{sec:plot_previews}).
-} are arranged in a TDI \citep[tabbed document interface; see e.g.][]{Hopkins2005, MDN2010, KimLutteroth2010} in the central area (Figure~\ref{fig:main_window}C). The order
+Document windows (object summaries, Section~\ref{sec:workspace_browser_object_viewer};
+    script editors, Section~\ref{sec:code_editor}; spreadsheet-like data editors, Section~\ref{sec:spreadsheet};
+    results output, Section~\ref{sec:results_output}; help pages, Section~\ref{sec:help_system}; and also
+    \proglang{R} on-screen graphics devices, Section~\ref{sec:plot_previews}) 
+are arranged in a TDI \citep[tabbed document interface; see e.g.][]{Hopkins2005, MDN2010, KimLutteroth2010}
+in the central area (Figure~\ref{fig:main_window}C). The order
 of tabs can be conveniently re-arranged using drag \& drop.
 Additionally, several tool windows are available form resizable sub-panes at the four sides\footnote{
@@ -151,7 +149,7 @@
 folding, block-wise indentation adjustments or commenting, automatic
 brackets, search and replace with plain text or regular expressions,
 and many more. Further, \pkg{Kate} can be extended by 
-customized actions implemented in \proglang{ECMAScript}\footnote{\url{http://kate-editor.org/2010/07/09/kate-scripted-actions}}.
+customized actions implemented in \proglang{ECMAScript} \citep{KateScriptedActions}.
 The editor automatically saves snapshots of the
 currently edited files at configurable intervals. 

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     do not seem to mention the examples, specifically.
     Besides, in our case, I think that having the code examples is comparatively pointless (except perhaps for the example plugin), since most of
     that is simply to show off GUI features, not produce anything.
+    Or perhaps, point to the demo-script, once, at the first applicable point in the text, only.
 Issues raised by the reviewers

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@@ -437,6 +437,14 @@
   url = {http://citeseerx.ist.psu.edu/viewdoc/summary?doi=}
+ at MISC{KateScriptedActions,
+  author = {Dominik Haumann},
+  title = {\pkg{Kate}: Scripted Actions},
+  year = {2010},
+  timestamp = {2011.05.28},
+  url = {http://kate-editor.org/2010/07/09/kate-scripted-actions/}
   title = {\pkg{Eclipse} IDE Pocket Guide},
   author = {Ed Burnette},

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