[rkward-devel] Error en RKWard

Juan Luis Guzmán juanl_g at hotmail.com
Fri Feb 6 13:53:59 UTC 2015

Estimados amigos de RKWard, estoy realizando un curso en XMiriada con la Universidad San Pablo CEU, al iniciar
el RKWard, me sale el siguiente error:

Backend process has exited with code -1073741511
The R backend will be shut down immediately. This means, you can not use any more functions that rely on it. I.e. you can do hardly anything at all, not even save the workspace (but if you're lucky, R already did that). What you can do, however, is save any open command-files, the output, or copy data out of open data editors. Quit RKWard after that.
Since this should never happen, please write a mail to rkward-devel at lists.sourceforge.net, and tell us, what you were trying to do, when this happened. Sorry

Reinstalé el software, pero el error persiste.
Por favor, ayudenme, deseo continuar el curso.

Juan Luis Guzmán

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