[rkward-devel] load R data files broken?

Thomas Friedrichsmeier thomas.friedrichsmeier at ruhr-uni-bochum.de
Thu Jun 16 14:08:56 UTC 2011


On Wednesday 15 June 2011, meik michalke wrote:
> ok, did that:
>  o http://reaktanz.de/stuff/R/debug_0.5.6z+0.5.7.txt.tar.gz

well, unfortunately, that did not help much. The plugin appears to be started 
alright, and starts doing its work. So apparently, the "only" problem is that 
it does not become visible.
Perhaps a window manager issue of some sort, again? Which window manager are 
you using? Anything uncommon about your setup (multiple displays or the like)? 
Could you try downgrading RKWard to whatever version synaptic offers, and check 
whether the problem is affected by this?

What happens, if you try to invoke the plugin from the R Console? I.e. try
  rk.call.plugin ("rkward::load_r_object")
and perhaps also
  rk.call.plugin ("rkward::load_r_object", envir.active="1")
does this show a window?

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