[rkward-devel] [rkward-users] Preview releases of RKWard 0.4.9b and 0.5.0d

Germán Márquez Mejía manchito at gmail.com
Fri May 1 01:28:53 UTC 2009


El 30/04/09 19:53, Prasenjit Kapat escribió:
> There is one issue that I have been delaying to report, this is
> probably a good time.
> Issue: Under (1) Hitting the "Delete" key in R Console gives an option
> to trash the script file.

I can reproduce it too.

> I think this has been fixed in KDE4 version.

Right, but I can see some strange behaviour when detaching the R-console 
and then reattaching it *from the right-click menu of the original tab* 
not from the "Window" menu. Doing so would cause that the console itself 
is reattached, but *not the window containing it*, rendering the latter 
green-backgrounded and useless.


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