[rkward-devel] ubuntu packages [was: Preview releases of RKWard 0.4.9b and 0.5.0d]

Prasenjit Kapat kapatp at gmail.com
Fri May 1 01:25:07 UTC 2009

Hi Meik,

On 4/30/09, meik michalke <Meik.Michalke at uni-duesseldorf.de> wrote:
> hi,
> On Wednesday 29 April 2009 18:33:15 Thomas Friedrichsmeier wrote:
>> Time to address that: I've uploaded initial test releases of both RKWard
>> 0.4.9b for KDE 3 and 0.5.0d for KDE 4 at
>> http://rkward.sourceforge.net/temp/rkward-0.4.9b-test1.tar.gz and
>> http://rkward.sourceforge.net/temp/rkward-0.5.0d-test1.tar.gz
>> respectively.
> to let more people participate in testing, i have compield some ubuntu
> packages. please be warned: these will most probably *only* work if you are
> running the R version from the ubuntu servers! that is, if you added the
> cran
> repos to have a more recent version of R, these packages won't work. i'm
> sorry
> i don't have the time to compile versions against R 2.8 and 2.9 as well ;-)
> but if you stick to what ubuntu provides you with, it should be as simple as
> adding one of these repositories, depending on your installation. i've
> skipped
> 8.10, sorry for that, too...
> # rkward-0.5.0d-test1 (kde4) for 9.04:
>  deb http://reaktanz.de/deb/rkward jaunty main
> # rkward-0.5.0d-test1 (kde4) for 8.04:
>  deb http://reaktanz.de/deb/rkward hardy main
> # rkward-0.4.9b-test1 (kde3) for 8.04:
>  deb http://reaktanz.de/deb/rkward-kde3 hardy main

This is indeed very useful. I've been planning to do something like
this for a while. I could put some time for the ones that you've left
out. I'll need some package building help from you in that case.


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