Sandro KnauƟ sknauss at kde.org
Tue Jan 10 09:10:37 GMT 2023


great that those features can be used from other KDE software more easily in 

But you cannot simply create a new repo/library and depend on it. At least 
from a release manager point of view, all software in Gear needs to be 
released either in Gear or Frameworks.
Before a new repo can be release it needs to go through the KDE Review 
process! Additionally it needs to be decided in what bundle it should be 
published (Frameworks, Gear or independent).

Until it is not accepted you need to treat ktextaddons like an external 
library! You can release an unstable version and start depending on it (but 
you cannot depend on master).
> For ruqola 2.0 I will depend on it.
> Pim* will depend on it in 1 february.

Please do not have time schedules until it is not gone through KDE Review. 
Because if the Review process takes longer and it cannot be released in time 
for 23.04, you would need to remove the usage. The Review process is not 
created to annoy people. In contrast it makes sense to step back look at the 
big picture and think about API before it get released, as it is always harder 
to change it afterwards. By the Review process, also other interested 
applications may be join developing on ktextaddons and have different use 
pattern, that may influence the API...



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