Laurent Montel montel at kde.org
Tue Jan 10 06:52:54 GMT 2023

After discussing with Volker we decided to extract some code from pimcommon/
All code lived in pim* from age.
I worked during 2-3 months for extracting code and creating a new repo.
This repository was named ktextaddons as it adds text features as:
- autocorrection
- text to speak
- grammar checking
- translator online support.

I improved code, I fixed a lot of bugs etc.

I used in pim* and ruqola.
For ruqola I need to duplicate code. It was not good for translation and 
syncing between pim*/ruqola.

Now repository lives in https://invent.kde.org/libraries/ktextaddons

It builds fine in linux/freebsd/windows (qt5/qt6)
I created craft recipe for it too.

For ruqola 2.0 I will depend on it.

Pim* will depend on it in 1 february.

=> I will reduce duplicate code, reduce duplicating translation.


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