Laurent Montel montel at kde.org
Tue Jan 10 09:58:38 GMT 2023

Ok I see.
So I can release an unstable version.
So I can depend against it. (as external lib)

And start review process after that.
Ok good for me.

And good for translator, as now there are 3 differents repo with same i18n.

I will work on it soon.


Le mardi 10 janvier 2023, 10:10:37 CET Sandro Knauß a écrit :
> Hey,
> great that those features can be used from other KDE software more easily in
> future!
> But you cannot simply create a new repo/library and depend on it. At least
> from a release manager point of view, all software in Gear needs to be
> released either in Gear or Frameworks.
> Before a new repo can be release it needs to go through the KDE Review
> process! Additionally it needs to be decided in what bundle it should be
> published (Frameworks, Gear or independent).
> Until it is not accepted you need to treat ktextaddons like an external
> library! You can release an unstable version and start depending on it (but
> you cannot depend on master).
> > For ruqola 2.0 I will depend on it.
> > 
> > Pim* will depend on it in 1 february.
> Please do not have time schedules until it is not gone through KDE Review.
> Because if the Review process takes longer and it cannot be released in time
> for 23.04, you would need to remove the usage. The Review process is not
> created to annoy people. In contrast it makes sense to step back look at
> the big picture and think about API before it get released, as it is always
> harder to change it afterwards. By the Review process, also other
> interested applications may be join developing on ktextaddons and have
> different use pattern, that may influence the API...
> Cheers,
> Sandro

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