Report of packaging issues with mega release

Antonio Rojas arojas at
Mon Dec 4 16:56:41 GMT 2023


El lunes, 4 de diciembre de 2023 15:27:40 (CET) Carl Schwan escribió:
> Okay this is a big issue :( I suppose (and hope) that KDE PIM is an optional 
> library for these two apps. I think Digikam can already be built with Qt6 so 
> hopefully a qt6 version is released not so far away from the megarelease. For 
> KMyMoney, I'm not sure any work has been done so far to port to Qt6 and some 
> of the KMyMoney library are still supporting qt4 :(

Not such a big deal, worst case scenario translations can be removed and a few dialogs will be untranslated (better than completely removing the features they provide).

> > 
> > - libquotient: Qt5/6 versions collide. Qt5 version optionally needed by
> > itinerary.
> Do you have some more details about this. I thought the latest release was co-
> installable with qt5 and qt6. In any cases, I hope itinerary will be ported to 
> qt6 in time for qt6 which would solve the issue. 

Headers are installed in ${INCLUDEDIR}/Quotient/ (hardcoded) for both versions

> > - kirigami-addons: Qt5/6 versions collide (translations)
> translations catalogue for the qt6 version should be kirigami-addons6, unless 
> I messed up somewhere. See

Didn't make it to 0.11.76, needs a new release.

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