Report of packaging issues with mega release

Carl Schwan carl at
Mon Dec 4 14:27:40 GMT 2023

On Saturday, December 2, 2023 12:12:04?AM CET Antonio Rojas wrote:
> This list is based on the beta tarballs with some (already committed) fixes
> on top to fix build with latest kdiagram and plasma-activities.

> Gear:
> - kdepim-runtime: FTBFS with etesync - there's a missing QtConcurrent
> dependency, but even after adding it build fails
> - audiotube: FTBFS. It seems to be in a weird, half-ported state
> - libkcddb: Qt5/6 versions collide (translations and desktop files). Qt5 
version still needed for k3b, soundkonverter, tellico
> - analitza: Qt5/6 versions collide (same lib name).
> Qt5 version optionally needed by cantor (workaround: disable kalgebra
> backend in cantor)

I have an almost complete Qt6 port of Cantor here:

Missing is one issue with the Kpart code, I couldn't figure out. In case 
someone wants to investigate, I would be quite grateful.

> - keduvocdocument: Qt5/6 versions collide (same lib
> name). Qt5 version is a hard dependency of parley, this blocks packaging
> parley

Parlay was ported to Qt6 yesterday!

> - pim libraries: translations collide with the Qt5 versions, still needed by 
some apps (digikam, kmymoney).

Okay this is a big issue :( I suppose (and hope) that KDE PIM is an optional 
library for these two apps. I think Digikam can already be built with Qt6 so 
hopefully a qt6 version is released not so far away from the megarelease. For 
KMyMoney, I'm not sure any work has been done so far to port to Qt6 and some 
of the KMyMoney library are still supporting qt4 :(

> - qmlkonsole: builds fine, but it's useless since there is no Qt6 version of 

qmltermwidget is not really maintained. I remember Johnah had a fork somewhere 
but I can't find it anymore.
> Other:
> - libquotient: Qt5/6 versions collide. Qt5 version optionally needed by
> itinerary.

Do you have some more details about this. I thought the latest release was co-
installable with qt5 and qt6. In any cases, I hope itinerary will be ported to 
qt6 in time for qt6 which would solve the issue. 

> - kirigami-addons: Qt5/6 versions collide (translations)

translations catalogue for the qt6 version should be kirigami-addons6, unless 
I messed up somewhere. See

> - phonon: Qt5/6 versions collide (translations)
> Missing releases of dependencies:
> - tokodon, neochat (optionally) depend on unreleased kunifiedpush
> - plasmatube, tokodon hard depend on unreleased mpv-qt

I'm going to ping some people so that mpv-qt get a release :)

> - libkscreen depends on unreleased changes in plasma-wayland-protocols

Thanks for the very helpful information,


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