Can we get tags and tarballs for the KDE Qt patch collection

Ömer Fadıl USTA omerusta at
Tue Jun 8 23:35:35 BST 2021

Please don't get me wrong but naming these patches under name of KDE will
make people confuse.
That will lead people to think that it is just KDE-related. So my
suggestion is naming is something like
qt-15.3-communityN that will let everyone take these patches whether if
they are using KDE or not.

Ömer Fadıl Usta
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Johannes Zarl-Zierl <johannes at>, 9 Haz 2021 Çar, 01:17
tarihinde şunu yazdı:

> Am Dienstag, 8. Juni 2021, 16:56:56 CEST schrieb David Faure:
> > On mardi 8 juin 2021 15:04:20 CEST Nate Graham wrote:
> > > That being the case, what is the problem with us tagging it as 5.15.3?
> > > We would not be using our own version number but rather the one set by
> > > upstream. If the issue is one of not wanting to mislead people into
> > > thinking that this is some kind of officially sanctioned thing, could
> it
> > > be something like "5.15.3-kde-patches"?
> >
> > It's not just about official or not. One day the Qt Company *will*
> release
> > 5.15.3 (as per the KDE/FreeQt agreement), no?
> > So we cannot release something called 5.15.3 which is in fact different
> > (older) from what will one day be 5.15.3.
> >
> > I'm unsure whether we should stick to "those are patches, grab them"
> > or, for convenience, giving it a version number that is more than 5.15.2,
> > less than 5.15.3, says it comes from kde, and allows multiple
> releases....
> Setting apart the technicalities of 5.15.3 vs 5.15.2.x vs 5.15.3.kde.N, I
> think the best place to come up with a solution is the KDE side, not
> downstream distributions:
> If we tell people "this is just a bunch of patches, but you should really
> apply them" we create a much bigger problem that nobody can tell for sure
> anymore whether that particular distro version of Qt does contain the
> patches
> or not. If not for the packagers we should provide somewhat canonical
> versions
> for ourselves and save ourselves some headaches over bug triaging...
> Cheers,
>   Johannes
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