Can we get tags and tarballs for the KDE Qt patch collection

Johannes Zarl-Zierl johannes at
Tue Jun 8 23:16:23 BST 2021

Am Dienstag, 8. Juni 2021, 16:56:56 CEST schrieb David Faure:
> On mardi 8 juin 2021 15:04:20 CEST Nate Graham wrote:
> > That being the case, what is the problem with us tagging it as 5.15.3?
> > We would not be using our own version number but rather the one set by
> > upstream. If the issue is one of not wanting to mislead people into
> > thinking that this is some kind of officially sanctioned thing, could it
> > be something like "5.15.3-kde-patches"?
> It's not just about official or not. One day the Qt Company *will* release
> 5.15.3 (as per the KDE/FreeQt agreement), no?
> So we cannot release something called 5.15.3 which is in fact different
> (older) from what will one day be 5.15.3.
> I'm unsure whether we should stick to "those are patches, grab them"
> or, for convenience, giving it a version number that is more than 5.15.2,
> less than 5.15.3, says it comes from kde, and allows multiple releases....

Setting apart the technicalities of 5.15.3 vs 5.15.2.x vs 5.15.3.kde.N, I 
think the best place to come up with a solution is the KDE side, not 
downstream distributions:

If we tell people "this is just a bunch of patches, but you should really 
apply them" we create a much bigger problem that nobody can tell for sure 
anymore whether that particular distro version of Qt does contain the patches 
or not. If not for the packagers we should provide somewhat canonical versions 
for ourselves and save ourselves some headaches over bug triaging...


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