Questions about releasing playground app

Luigi Toscano luigi.toscano at
Tue Sep 17 10:48:18 BST 2019

Simon Persson ha scritto:
> Hello!
> I recently started moving the Kup backup scheduler from github to KDE hosting.
> As part of this migration I have some questions, I have looked all over KDE's
> web pages but not found any answers. I hope someone here can help to start
> sorting this out for me.
> How are translations handled for playground applications - should my release
> tarball still include .po files?

Yes, but the releaseme script does it automatically. Please refer to:

(with the caveat that applications in playground ends up into the

> If so, how do I work with KDE translation teams? Translators commit updated
> files directly in the source repo?
> If not, that would mean making use of KDE's translation team and then my
> message catalog will be included in the KDE localisation packages, right? And
> in this case, how to handle setting up translations and importing all the
> existing messages? I already made a file in the root of the repo.
> Should I go around contacting all individual language teams and provide them
> the existing .po files for them to check and incorporate?

Translation templates are automatically extracted every day in a separate
place by a set of script called scripty (on the subversion repository, see ). The releaseme script knows
where to find them.

That said, before releasing, we need to move the po/ folder away from the kup
repository and configure the extraction for kup on the scripty side. I can
work on it later today or tomorrow.


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