Questions about releasing playground app

Luigi Toscano luigi.toscano at
Thu Sep 19 20:48:40 BST 2019

Luigi Toscano ha scritto:
> Simon Persson ha scritto:
>> Hello!
>> I recently started moving the Kup backup scheduler from github to KDE hosting.
>> As part of this migration I have some questions, I have looked all over KDE's
>> web pages but not found any answers. I hope someone here can help to start
>> sorting this out for me.
>> How are translations handled for playground applications - should my release
>> tarball still include .po files?
> Yes, but the releaseme script does it automatically. Please refer to:
> (with the caveat that applications in playground ends up into the
>> If so, how do I work with KDE translation teams? Translators commit updated
>> files directly in the source repo?
>> If not, that would mean making use of KDE's translation team and then my
>> message catalog will be included in the KDE localisation packages, right? And
>> in this case, how to handle setting up translations and importing all the
>> existing messages? I already made a file in the root of the repo.
>> Should I go around contacting all individual language teams and provide them
>> the existing .po files for them to check and incorporate?
> Translation templates are automatically extracted every day in a separate
> place by a set of script called scripty (on the subversion repository, see
> ). The releaseme script knows
> where to find them.
> That said, before releasing, we need to move the po/ folder away from the kup
> repository and configure the extraction for kup on the scripty side. I can
> work on it later today or tomorrow.
Sorry, I'm a bit late on this (still on my TODO). In the meantime, could you
please tell the existing Kup translators that the workflow for translating Kup
is now different and they should get in touch with the various KDE team
coordinator for their languages? (see


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