Special license for ca,ca at valencia and uk?

Josep Ma. Ferrer txemaq at gmail.com
Tue Jan 2 23:06:52 UTC 2018

El dimarts, 2 de gener de 2018, a les 21:25:04 CET, Sandro KnauƟ va escriure:
> Hey,
> I spotted the issue, that not all files under po directory are licensed the
> same way.
> as example I use akonadi-notes/17.08.3 - spotted the issue also for 17.12.0.
> These three translations have a own license:
> grep -rl  'This file is distributed under the license LGPL version 2.1 or'
> po po/ca at valencia/akonadinotes5.po
> po/uk/akonadinotes5.po
> po/ca/akonadinotes5.po

The license in .po files is dependent for each translation team. Some 
translation teams may have a license policy, and some other translation teams 
may not have a license policy.

For "ca" and "ca at valencia" teams, we use the first bullet at item #4 (pointed 
from #7, translations) from https://community.kde.org/Policies/

LGPL version 2.1, or version 3 or later versions approved by the membership of 
KDE e.V.

We use this license when we have the agreement of all translators of the file. 
So, we have some files (most of them) with this license, but also some files 
without license because we missed some translators.

> Some files don't have a license header.
> Not an issue at all, cause this means fall back to package license, but as
> most translations make it explicit, I think it makes sense to make it
> explicit for every translation.

I'm with you, but it's not easy to set a explicit license: when you have a 
source file or translation file with some contributors, you need the agreement 
from *all* of them to relicense the file. But maybe some of them are 
unreachable, and then you have the old license (or no license -> package 

> grep -rL  'This file is distributed under the same license as the PACKAGE
> package.' po po/pt/akonadinotes5.po
> po/nb/akonadinotes5.po
> po/ca at valencia/akonadinotes5.po
> po/ja/akonadinotes5.po
> po/ga/akonadinotes5.po
> po/de/akonadinotes5.po
> po/lt/akonadinotes5.po
> po/sk/akonadinotes5.po
> po/bs/akonadinotes5.po
> po/uk/akonadinotes5.po
> po/fi/akonadinotes5.po
> po/it/akonadinotes5.po
> po/ca/akonadinotes5.po
> po/sr/akonadinotes5.po
> Also consider to get rid of the useless line:
> Copyright (C) 2014 This_file_is_part_of_KDE

I think this line is present in template (.pot ) files, which are the source 
for translation (.po) files. 

> Either mark the copyright holder one person/group/etc. or remove it
> completely.

Below this line, there is a line for each contributor to the file, with the 
name, email and year of contribution. I'm not sure about removing the 
"Copyright" line.

> Best regards,
> sandro

Best regards,

Josep Ma.

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