Creating bugzilla entries for KDE Applications

David Faure faure at
Sun Jul 30 10:48:05 UTC 2017

On samedi 29 juillet 2017 18:15:16 CEST Albert Astals Cid wrote:
> At Akademy AdriƔn adapted Jonathan's scripts for Plasma to KDE Applications.
> Since KDE Applications are different in regard to Plasma in which not all
> applications have the same version, we thought of adding a new cmake
> variable that will define the version created.
> For example the patch for okular would be something like
> The limitation of this is that it can only create one version per repo, and
> at this stage it assumes the name of the bugzilla product is the same as
> the repo, though that could be fixed with creating a
> BUGZILLA_APPLICATION_NAME or similar if needed.
> What are your thoughts?

It seems strange to make it configurable for people who compile the 
application, what the value of BUGZILLA_APPLICATION_VERSION should be.
I.e. my questions is, why is this a cmake variable?

On the other hand cmake has the notion of the "project version", why don't we 
set that and use it for bugzilla too?

E.g. KIO does
set(KF5_VERSION "5.37.0") # handled by release scripts

And okular *should* be doing something like

And Dolphin should be doing

(Note that when doing this, you can then port the calls to ecm_setup_version
to ecm_setup_version(PROJECT [...]) i.e. it can get the version number from 
the project line)  [requires CMake policy CMP0048 to not be OLD].

Then add_bugzilla_versions can parse the version number out of
project([...] VERSION [...]) in all cases, without having a bugzilla-specific 
cmake variable.

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