K3b 2.10.0 Applications/16.12

Leslie Zhai xiang.zhai at i-soft.com.cn
Fri Nov 4 02:39:44 UTC 2016

Hi KDE Core,

Can K3b go to kdemultimedia module? please give me some advice, thanks a 

On 2016年11月04日 07:46, Albert Astals Cid wrote:
> El dijous, 3 de novembre de 2016, a les 11:03:44 CET, Leslie Zhai va escriure:
>> 在 2016年11月03日 07:42, Albert Astals Cid 写道:
>>> El dimecres, 2 de novembre de 2016, a les 9:33:18 CET, Leslie Zhai va
>>> escriure:
>>>> 在 2016年11月02日 07:58, Albert Astals Cid 写道:
>>>>> El dimarts, 1 de novembre de 2016, a les 9:20:35 CET, Leslie Zhai va
>>> escriure:
>>>>>> 在 2016年10月31日 17:54, Albert Astals Cid 写道:
>>>>>>> El dilluns, 31 d’octubre de 2016, a les 11:13:21 CET, Leslie Zhai va
>>>>> escriure:
>>>>>>>> Hi Release Team,
>>>>>>>> Could make a tag for K3b 2.10.0 Applications/16.12 please? Thanks a
>>>>>>>> lot!
>>>>>>> k3b has never been part of the KDE Applications release.
>>>>>> I am a newbie of K3b maintainer, so I did *NOT* know that...
>>>>> Sure, no worries.
>>>>>>> Are you asking for it to be included in KDE Applications 16.12?
>>>>>> Yes please ;-) thanks a lot!
>>>>> Not so fast :)
>>>>> Which module do you want it to go to?
>>>>> Have you spoken with the module coordinator and gotten his approval?
>>>> Not yet! please introduce me to the coordinator ;-) I am also a newbie
>>>> of KDE developer, only know some developers, thanks a lot!
>>> Depends on the module you want to go to
>>> https://community.kde.org/Release_Team
>> I reviewed the patch related K3b in kdemultimedia group
>> https://git.reviewboard.kde.org/dashboard/?group=kdemultimedia
>> Is K3b able to go to kdemultimedia? but kdemultimedia release
>> coordinator is help wanted? please give me some advice, thanks a lot!
> I don't know what to say.
> Can it go to kdemultimedia? That the kdemultimedia people would have to say
> yes/no, but given there's probably no such group of people, who gets to say?
> Not me, I'm just the guy that creates the tarballs and tries to get things
> from falling out.
> I guess if *you* think that k3b should be part of kdemultimedia you should
> send an email to both kde-core-devel and kdemultimedia mailing lists saying so
> and if noone disagrees before November 9 we can do the move.
> On the other hand November 9 is kind of very close to now, but oh well.
I am so sorry to break the dependency freeze oflibkcddb 
<https://github.com/KDE/libkcddb>regarding the Applications/16.08 
release! I should pay more attention to deadline - Nov 09 is freeze?

> On other kind of news, http://k3b.org/ looks like it has very old stuff and is
> unamtained, maybe you could go over it, see if there's anything worth keeping
> and if not we can just redirect it to https://userbase.kde.org/K3b or https://
> www.kde.org/applications/multimedia/k3b/ or something?
Sebastian Trüg, the original author of K3b, asked my sourceforge 
identity, and tried to grant me privileges 
https://sourceforge.net/p/k3b/admin/ but still Error 403 - Admin access 
required! the same story to http://k3b.org/
so maybe we just redirect to https://userbase.kde.org/K3b I can Edit it ;-)

> Cheers,
>    Albert
>>> Cheers,
>>>     Albert

Leslie Zhai - a KDE developer https://git.reviewboard.kde.org/users/lesliezhai/

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