KDEPIM (16.12) and Gpgme minimum requirement

Rolf Eike Beer kde at opensource.sf-tec.de
Thu Nov 3 17:57:34 UTC 2016

Am Donnerstag, 3. November 2016, 11:45:47 schrieb Sandro KnauƟ:
> Hey,
> Together with Andre Heinecke (developer of gpgme), we discussed the minimum
> version of GpgME we want to support with the upcoming release of KDEPIM for
> Applications 16.12.
> You may got the notice, that the cpp(gpgme++) and qt (QGpgme) interface,
> previously build by KDEPIM in the libgpgmepp package, moved down to GpgME
> directly. That's why KDEPIM depends on very recent GpgME.
> Together with Andre we came to the conclusion, that we want to support:
> GpgME >= 1.7.1

That's good news from my (KGpg) point of view, as we were recently in a 
discussion which versions we need to support. We do not need gpgme itself, but 
we use the headers to get some algorithm defines.

Does that version of GpgME bring a CMake config file with it so we can drop the 
FindGpgME.cmake we copied somewhere from?

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