Fwd: Could I make a tag for k3b kf5 branch?

Heiko Becker heirecka at exherbo.org
Fri Jul 29 07:37:09 UTC 2016


not sure if release-team@ is the right place, but since it started here...

On 07/27/16 22:27, Andreas Sturmlechner wrote:
> ---Original Message---
> On Saturday, 16 July 2016 at 16:13, Leslie Zhai wrote:
>> I want to help those projects (audex, kaudiocreator, audiocd-kio and 
>> soundkonverter) for migrating to KF5 and Qt5, trust me, I experienced 
>> and good at qt3 -> migrate -> qt4 -> migrate ->qt5
> First of all, thanks for your work! I'm looking forward to testing these 
> packages, please note however that currently configure is broken in at least 
> audiocd-kio and k3b:
>   Could not find a package configuration file provided by "KF5Cddb" with any
>   of the following names:
>     KF5CddbConfig.cmake
>     kf5cddb-config.cmake
> libkcddb kf5-branch still installs LibkcddbConfig.cmake.

I really appreciate the effort to bring those projects to Qt5/KF5, but
the above is still a problem with audex for me as well. It's rather
unexpected (and undesirably in my opinion) that an *unofficial* clone of
a repo outside of KDE's infrastructure is needed and from that point I
can understand Johannes' revert [1] in k3b, which addresses the
situation. Furthermore I'm not sure why the development did not happen
on the 'kf5' branch on g.k.o because it isn't even affected by the
Applications 16.08 freeze. Even master is open again for changes since
Albert created the Applications/16.08 branch.
So I'd propose merging the unofficial repo into the kf5 branch g.k.o. as
soon as possible (or master if it's ready, can't really comment on that
right now).



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