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Benjamin Reed rangerrick at befunk.com
Tue Jun 9 14:18:13 UTC 2015

On 6/8/15 4:29 PM, Mario Fux wrote:
> Either I don't get this sarcasm or you might be wrong.

Yeah, sorry, I did an incredibly horrible job of describing what I meant.

> "The whole point" of KDE Frameworks is that it is _modular_ and not monolithic 
> as kdelibs was. As I see it the value of KDE Frameworks is the set of Qt 
> Addons with a unique license and spreading over different platforms. A high 
> quality set of additional features and libraries for Qt developers from 
> developers with a lot of experience.
> I don't think that the same version number of all released Frameworks as it 
> currently stands is the strong point of KDE Frameworks.

To backup and restate what was in my head, and not what came out of my
keyboard...  ;)  The pieces are modular, but the framework bundle is
meant to be a kind of "snapshot-in-time" of a release, right?  Having
the "framework" versioned, and having all the pieces of the framework
match that version, seems to me to make it much easier to know what is
part of the blessed distribution as opposed to something being managed
outside of the KDE frameworks' proper.

That said, I should step out because other folks have been doing the
release work of KDE on Mac for a while now so I have less skin in the
game than most here.  Sorry for the noise.

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