Request to make Wayland hard build dependency in KWin starting with Plasma 5.5

Eric Hameleers alien at
Thu Jul 16 09:54:17 UTC 2015

On Thu, 16 Jul 2015, Martin Gräßlin wrote:

> Hi KDE distro packagers,
> we are currently (Plasma 5.4) in the awkward situation that plasma-workspace
> has a hard Wayland dependency and KWin has only an optional build dependency.
> After the release of Plasma 5.4 I want to change this and turn some optional
> build dependencies into hard dependencies in KWin.
> Reasoning: over the Plasma 5.4 cycle I have pretty much only worked on Wayland
> support and that has resulted in more than 100
> ...
> #endif
> As our CI system and most distributions only compile with Wayland support the
> risk of accidental breakage increases each day. Even more it means that
> running builds without this build dependency is pretty much untested. While
> it's unlikely to affect kwin_x11, it is possible, nevertheless.
> Given that I want to turn the following list of dependencies from optional to
> required in the next development cycle:
> * KF5Wayland
> * Wayland::Cursor
> * Wayland::Egl
> * xkbcommon
> * libdrm
> * gbm

Speaking for Slackware, we will not move to Plasma 5 nor Wayland in 
the foreseeable future anyway. Having said that, I am the one who 
maintains the bleeding edge KDE packages for Slackware in my personal 
repository and there I do not have these restrictions - except that I 
can not make software-related decisions that would go against the 
Slackware policy (my packages always end up being part of the 
Slackware core at some point).
And I already compile Plasma 5 in the presence of Wayland, so the 
move to a hard *build-time* dependency is OK with me. as long as it 
does not become a hard *run-time* dependency.
An xkbcommon package would have to be added to my repository  as a new 
dependency but that is not an issue for me.
So, no objections from me for the hard build requirements.

> The following Wayland specific dependencies would be kept optional:
> * X11_XCB
> * libhybris
> * Libinput
> * udev

Thanks for that, I am not prepared to add libinput since according to 
your erlier posts it would require logind (which we don't and won't 
include) or a logind-shim (implementations of which do not exist at 
And libhybris? A library to allow the use of Android device drivers? 
Surely that will always remain optional.

> I would like to ask you to try to compile kwin (as of master/5.4 branch) and
> verify that you can provide the listed required packages. If your distribution
> is not able to provide one please inform me ASAP about it, so that I can
> evaluate how much impact it has to keep the dependency optional.
> Please note that libinput and udev are only kept optional as to my knowledge
> BSDs cannot provide them. Unfortunately it means that the drm backend in KWin
> is not functional (doesn't support input) without this dependency.
> Thank you for your collaboration.
> Best Regards
> Martin Gräßlin
> Head of KDE Wayland porting team

Cheers, Eric

Eric Hameleers <alien at>

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