Request to make Wayland hard build dependency in KWin starting with Plasma 5.5

Martin Gräßlin mgraesslin at
Thu Jul 16 07:49:45 UTC 2015

Hi KDE distro packagers,

we are currently (Plasma 5.4) in the awkward situation that plasma-workspace 
has a hard Wayland dependency and KWin has only an optional build dependency. 
After the release of Plasma 5.4 I want to change this and turn some optional 
build dependencies into hard dependencies in KWin.

Reasoning: over the Plasma 5.4 cycle I have pretty much only worked on Wayland 
support and that has resulted in more than 100

As our CI system and most distributions only compile with Wayland support the 
risk of accidental breakage increases each day. Even more it means that 
running builds without this build dependency is pretty much untested. While 
it's unlikely to affect kwin_x11, it is possible, nevertheless.

Given that I want to turn the following list of dependencies from optional to 
required in the next development cycle:
* KF5Wayland
* Wayland::Cursor
* Wayland::Egl
* xkbcommon
* libdrm
* gbm

The following Wayland specific dependencies would be kept optional:
* X11_XCB
* libhybris
* Libinput
* udev

I would like to ask you to try to compile kwin (as of master/5.4 branch) and 
verify that you can provide the listed required packages. If your distribution 
is not able to provide one please inform me ASAP about it, so that I can 
evaluate how much impact it has to keep the dependency optional.

Please note that libinput and udev are only kept optional as to my knowledge 
BSDs cannot provide them. Unfortunately it means that the drm backend in KWin 
is not functional (doesn't support input) without this dependency.

Thank you for your collaboration.

Best Regards
Martin Gräßlin
Head of KDE Wayland porting team
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