[kde-release-team] Re: KDE Frameworks 5 TP1 tarballs

Jonathan Riddell jr at jriddell.org
Mon Jan 6 23:13:22 UTC 2014

On Sun, Jan 05, 2014 at 08:43:14PM +0100, šumski wrote:
> On Sunday 05 of January 2014 12:40:05 David Faure wrote:
> ...
> > You can find it in kde-build-metadata/dependency-data-kf5-qt5, attached here
> > for convenience.
> Great, just a few questions ;-)
> 1) Is it expected that extra-cmake-modules and attica have the versioning 
> scheme as other frameworks? i.e. are they considered as part of KF5 in future?
> 2) Wrt. co-installability: atm KF5 cannot be installed side by kdelibs4 in 
> same prefix due to file conflicts (e.g. kconfig_compiler, kmailservice, 
> ktelnetservice, some DBus interface files) - is this also longer term plan, or 
> it just hasn't yet been 100% tackled?

kmailservice and ktelnetservice are interchangeable binaries, you can
use them from either kdelibs of kf5, they work the same.

kconfig_compiler and the dbus interface file are developer files which
can be mutually exclusive but I think many distro prefer not to do
this so they should be renamed.


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