Late feature plan addition for Ark?

Albert Astals Cid aacid at
Sat Nov 9 22:00:44 UTC 2013

El Dijous, 31 d'octubre de 2013, a les 06:18:38, Raphael Kubo da Costa va 
> As some of you have already noticed, I've been much more absent from
> kdeutils as I should have been, and one of the bad implications here is
> that the changes Basyskom made to Ark a long time ago have not been
> merged yet.
> I would like to do that as soon as possible, and since many of them are
> feature additions or UI changes there should have been an item in the
> 4.12 release plan for Ark saying "Merge Basyskom's changes to Ark"
> listing Lamarque and me as the responsible people.
> Would the release team be OK with that so that we don't have to wait for
> yet another release cycle?

Well, since it seems you don't plan to answer our questions for the 4.12 
schedule maybe you can at least start merging it to master so it's there for 


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